3 Things To Do Following a Severe Storm Damage To Your Roof

Terrible storms, gusty winds, or tornadoes can do a lot of damage to your roof. You may hear tiles or shingles blow off during the storm, or you may see afterward that there are gaps or missing areas. Severe hail can also ruin your roofing. Rather than waiting until you have some time on your hands to try and fix it, you should call the insurance company holding your homeowners’ policy to find out how to address the roof storm damage.

Check for Damage

The roof is a key layer of protection for everything inside your home, whether people, pets, or possession. You don’t want to delay taking care of that security. After the storm or weather has passed, go out and safely assess your roof for signs of damage. Even from the ground, you may be able to see where there are cracks or missing shingles. It may take a little bit more work to find dents to the gutters or on the shingles.

Safely scale a ladder to examine your roof or gutters for signs of bruising. This is where the granule coating on shingles have been knocked loose. You may see evidence of the granules collecting in the gutters. When the granules are knocked off, it exposes the base of the shingles to the harsh, damaging UV rays of the sun. In severe cases, this can cause mold to form and the roofing wood to rot.

Document the Damage

After you have seen the roof storm damage, document it. Take pictures of what you have seen. Writing down the date and time of the storm and print off any local news stories or weather information from online to back up your claims.

Repair the Damage

Fixing your roof storm damage isn’t something you should do. Have a contractor come out and assess the damage and give you a quote on repair. Submit a claim to the insurance company with this quote. If approved, move forward with the contractor and have your roof repaired.