4 Reasons To Choose Wooden Double Hung Window Replacements

Those beautiful sash style windows you admire in pictures of updated or renovated homes are also known as a double hung window. With a classic style that has proven popular over time, the vertical slide works almost effortlessly in the wooden frame because of the pulley system and counterweights. This allows the lower window to stay in the open position without locking or propping fixtures. Here are four of the many reasons you should choose wooden sash window replacements for your home.

1. Status

As a premium window product, the wooden sash replacements are viewed as a status symbol worldwide. People love the look of the classic, natural couch, and although the design may change with each era, the style is still unmistakably unique.

2. Value

Whether you are settled in your home for many more years or plan on selling next year, the windows can add value to your house. In fact, savvy buyers often pay more for wooden style windows. That means you may recoup the cost of filling your home with a double hung window in every room.

3. Insulation

Wood has been used as protection against weather extremes for centuries because it is a good insulator. Whether you need to keep the heat out or cold in, you can rely on the high-performance insulating factor of wooden frames surrounding insulated glass.

4. Eco-Friendly

If you want to minimize your home’s footprint on the planet, using earth-friendly products such as wood surrounds is a great way to begin. As a biodegradable product, wood breaks down when it is no longer needed and that makes it eco-friendly.


Finding information about double hung windows is easy when you contact a window contractor near you. The representative can help you identify what type of sash window designs would best fit your home and lifestyle. If you are ready for new windows, give the office a call today.