AARP reports that up to 90% of seniors prefer to live at home as long as they are able. Aging in place is an important decision because declining quality of life is the main reason health tends to deteriorate in a senior care facility. Many individuals are able to live in their own houses with outside caregiver support, for others a good option is a suite attached to a family member’s residence. Professional builders can help design a beautiful addition that compliments the existing home and gives a functional, warm and spacious design for your loved one. Here are 3 reasons it’s important to keep seniors independent as long as possible:

  • Personal space: Seniors tend to feel comfortable and thrive in familiar environments surrounded by their belongings. In a personal suite, they can be close to family, yet continue their routines and even have the companionship of beloved pets.
  • Health and Wellness: Living at home benefits all areas of individual health. Seniors in care facilities are often at risk of depression and have greater exposure to illnesses. Emotional stability is enhanced by the daily activities of independent living.
  • Sense of purpose: One of the most difficult losses for aging persons is not feeling needed. People who live close to their families can be helpful and find things to do that provide a sense of worth.

Expert contractors will design the perfect room addition to accommodate all the needs of your family member. They can install ramps and railings for safe accessibility. They will also assess mobility needs, so the flow of the area does not impede movement. Most importantly, they can make a beautiful suite that is the perfect space for aging in place.

Independent seniors are happier and healthier individuals who deserve to make all of their years good ones. With the help of a professional builder, families can keep their loved ones close and well cared for, while allowing them to live surrounded by what they love most.