Unexpected water damage can be frightening for many homeowners. If you experience a burst pipe or sudden natural disaster, it can be difficult to understand what to do next. Thankfully, there are professionals who can help you navigate this time and restore any flood damage. Find out how you can connect with a professional flood restoration service today.

Types of Damage

Most water damage is caused by one of two types of flooding: natural disasters and plumbing issues. It’s important to check with your home insurance policy to see what type of coverage you have. Some insurance policies have strict definitions of flood damage, so you need to know what’s covered when your home is damaged.

First Steps After a Disaster

Before you start cleaning up your home or scheduling flood restoration services, it’s important to contact your insurance company. Some insurance companies require notification before they can approve restoration services as part of your policy. You may have to take photos of damage or perform other basic tasks before a restoration team can begin to clean up your home.

Next, contact a professional restoration contractor in your area. You’ll enjoy 24/7 emergency response times, so you can reduce the amount of water damage in your home. A professional will inspect your home, assist you in temporary accommodations and work quickly to restore your property. A professional team will work with your insurance agency to cover any damage done. After removing any standing water and damaged property, contractors will remove any mold and excess moisture before fully repairing your home.

Contact a Professional

Flood damage can quickly create mold and other health risks in your home. Don’t wait to contact your insurance company and a professional contractor in your area. Look for a contractor that specializes in home restoration after a flood for efficient cleaning and restoration of your entire property.