Get a Screened Porch So You Can Enjoy Your Time Outside!

Many people have fond memories of growing up in a house with a screened porch – sitting outside and relaxing at the end of a hot day, playing with friends, sleeping outside on a hot summer night – all without having to worry about mosquito bites and other annoying bugs. Read on for other reasons to add on a porch with a screen.

You Can Skip the Insect Spray

As annoying as bugs are, some people feel that insect spray is even worse. However, it’s a bad idea to go outside without some kind of protection from bugs. A porch with a screen around it means family members can enjoy nature without having to deal with bugs or sprays.

You Can Enjoy the Cool Air

What is better – sitting in a stuffy house after the heat has been accumulating all day or enjoying a cool evening breeze? A screened porch gives you a chance to cool down, and it also means you can leave your front door open to let the breeze inside without worrying about the house filling with bugs.

You Can Give the Kids Something To Do

There is something special about a screened in porch, and kids will love playing there. Also, you won’t have to worry about pests, bugs, and the hot sun like you would if they were playing in the dirt in the backyard.

You Can Enjoy Your Dinner

It is difficult to enjoy a meal outside if you are dealing with bugs flying around you and landing on your food. A porch with a screen means mealtimes that are memorable instead of annoying.

Once you get a screened porch, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. Your kids will treasure the memories made while having fun there, and pretty soon your home will be the place where everyone wants to be throughout the summer.