Storms can produce a volley of hail, torrential winds, and unexpected sheets of ice; and the sun’s UV rays can destroy the roofing material covering your home. As the inclement weather beats at your home over the years, it can weaken the shingles, tar, or tiles covering the roof. Once you notice a broken tile, cracks in the tar, or curling shingles, the integrity of the whole roof is in question. A sudden storm can allow water into the cracks, down through the underlayment, and into your attic within minutes. Protect yourself by replacing the roof at the first sign of storm damage.

What A Roofing Firm Can Do

Weather-related damage is unexpected and often surprisingly physically damaging to homes, cars, and other outdoor areas. No matter how well you maintain your home, a storm can tear away at the rooftop. At the first sign of a rooftop problem, contact a roofing company. A small crack or tear in the roofing fabric will almost invariably result in a larger crack or tear within weeks of your discovery. Protecting the home’s structure is a homeowner’s first priority. That is why having the roofing company do the storm damage repair quickly will shield your home and maintain its integrity.

What You Can Do 

If a storm threatens to break over your home while you are waiting for a roofing company to make repairs, there are a few things you can do to temporarily prevent storm type damage. Secure a large tarp over any visible holes or cracks in the roof to prevent water from seeping into the underlayment. If the storm threatens to be a wild one and a tarp will not hold, secure a large board over the area with long screws to tightly secure it during the winds.

Storm damage may batter at your home, but you can fight back. Protect your home by contacting a roofing company at the first signs of roof damage.