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How To Tell When a Hailstorm Has Damaged Your Roof


A hailstorm is a force of nature that demands attention. When it sweeps through, usually with strong winds, the hail stones can damage windows, car finishes and even the roof of your home. Once the storm has passed it is good idea to see if you have roof hail damage. It is possible to check things out yourself, but a professional roofing company may be able to spot things you would miss.


What To Look For

If you decide to get out the ladder and climb up on the roof, you should keep an eye open for any deformities in the shingles. Roof hail damage can result in tears in the shingles as well as cause some of the shingles to detach. Other signs include rips and tears and even indentations that degrade the efficacy of your roof. If there are any noticeable changes to the roof’s appearance it is best to get things looked at by a professional contractor.


Many reputable roofing and home improvement companies offer free inspections. They will look over your home with a trained eye and either repair minor problems at once or offer a quote for a larger job. Failure to address a damaged roof can result in damage to your home’s interior and additional expenses.


How To Choose a Solid Company

When searching for roofing companies in your area make sure you select one that is qualified, licensed and insured. It also helps if the company is certified to do the work and offers a free quote. This ensures that the work will be of a high quality and the company will return if the problem is not fixed the first time.


Repairing roof hail damage is normally a job for professionals. Your roof will be stronger and all of your belongings will be protected from the elements. Choosing a qualified contractor for the job is the best thing you can do after a big storm.