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Looking Up: Reasons To Opt for a Second Story Addition


Home additions, remodels, and renovations are increasingly common, and this has smart homeowners looking up. That is to say, they have reason to opt for a second story addition. Changes to the family dynamic, such as a new baby or aging parents who can no longer live on their own but are not quite ready to transition into a nursing home; the need for a home office; and other situations might call for more space. Moving is not always an option, whether that be due to the real estate market or personal preferences and circumstances. That’s why many homeowners are opting for additions. For the most prudent of families, not just any addition will do.


When considering long-term benefits of home renovation, there is a distinct advantage to choosing a second story addition. The roof is one of the most expensive parts of a home to maintain, repair, or replace. Increasing the surface area of a home’s roof by adding to its length and width guarantees higher roof repair costs in the future; however, building atop a current structure enables homeowners to gain more space without this future financial risk. Note that as with all construction projects that entail modification to support structures, the assistance of professionals is required for this type of renovation.


Another reason to opt for a second story addition is the inherit privacy that comes with it. Whether the addition is mandated by secular or familial responsibilities, a second story has the added benefit of built-in seclusion. A home office on a second story serves as a noise buffer, for example. When accommodating extended family, separate dwelling spaces allow for a perfect blend of comfortable closeness and reasonable independence and autonomy.


While the initial expense might be marginally greater than that of a ground level addition, there is still reason to opt for a second story addition. This type of construction creates many opportunities for improving the home’s availability of natural light, which adds great value to a home. It also allows for modifications to the exterior of the home; renovations that improve the curb appeal of your home by correcting unsightly rooflines are investments that pay dividends.