Should You Repair Your Roof or Just Replace It?

Like all things in life, roofing has a set amount of time it lasts. True, a properly maintained roof can last a long time, but eventually it wears down. The big question is when. How can you tell when it’s time to have a professional take care of roof replacement?

Amount of Damage

One factor that can help you decide between repairs and roof replacement is the amount of damage the roof has suffered. There’s a big difference between a little hail damage versus having a tree fall through half the roof. When repairs are going to require extensive work, it’s almost always a better choice to simply have the entire roof replaced.

The Age of the Roof

Think of your roof as an investment with a dollar value, similar to buying a new car. At the very beginning, that car has a high price tag. The more years and mileage that go by, however, the lower the amount the car would be worth.

If you’ve only had your roof for 5–10 years, the underlying structure and materials are likely still very sturdy. With a few repairs, they may last another decade or more. On the other hand, a roof that is already 15–20 years old may start to have more problems as times goes on.

Moisture Damage

Damage to the roof may not just affect roofing materials. If moisture makes its way into the underlying structure, it can cause serious problems, including mold. It’s always best to have roofing professionals evaluate your roof. They can check for signs of moisture damage that may need deeper work than a simple repair.

Type of Roof

Finally, the type of roof materials your home has affects the overall cost of repairs. Sometimes, replacing a few shingles requires removing large portions of roof. It may be more cost-effective as far as labor goes to simply schedule roof replacement and enjoy a new roof.