Signs That You Need a Roof Replacement

Most homeowners don’t think about their homes’ roofs until there is a problem. The truth is, most shingled roofs last for decades, up to 50 years. However, different climates can cause wear and tear on your roofing materials. Therefore, these are signs that you may need to invest in a roof replacement.

Shingle Curling

Long-term exposure to the weather can cause asphalt shingle roofs to curl. This curling starts at the front of the shingle. It begins to curl up or under and may eventually form what looks like a cylinder from the side. These shingles cannot be uncurled and nailed into place. They are typically brittle and may crack during the uncurling process. However, if you do get them to lay down, adding nails in the wrong place may cause leaks that can ruin your roof deck.

Blister Development

Heat can cause your shingles to blister. These blisters can then attract and store water. Initially, blistering won’t affect your roof’s integrity, but as the blistering continues or goes unrepaired, the water will seep into your roof and damage your roof deck. If you don’t get a roof replacement at the first sign of blistering, you may have to replace your entire roof deck, which is expensive.

Shingle Buckling

Buckling shingles are signs that something else is wrong. For example, your roof may be damaged by weather and the deck may be compromised. You may also be growing moss under your shingles. Buckling suggests that the shingles have been moved out of their original position, which leaves your roof open to leaks that can be seen inside the ceiling of your home if the roof is left too long.

Roof Darkening

If your roof has darkened over time, you may be experiencing the loss of shingle granules. To verify this damage, look inside your gutters. If you find dense particles sitting in the bottom of your gutters, your roof should be replaced.

Roof damage can go largely undetected until your ceiling and walls begin to show water damage. Therefore, have your roof inspected regularly and get a roof replacement at the first signs of damage.