Adding a deck to your home can not only add resale value, but it can provide a much-needed outdoor space for family gatherings, watching the stars, or listening to the sounds of nature. No matter what type of decking design you are considering with your contractor, the advantages of having an outdoor addition to your home can far outweigh living without. If you are considering adding a deck construction project to your home remodeling agenda, consider these three things.

Desired Shape

Although most decks are built in a rectangle style that mimics the shape of the house, not all deck additions have to be rectangular. You can choose a striking oval, a spectacular circle, or even a walk-down square. If you want the area to be secluded from your neighbors, you can also choose a wall on one or two sides to allow some privacy while entertaining or sunbathing, or you can make the area into a sunroom.

Available Space

If you have a small backyard, but you yearn for a 20-foot by 20-foot deck construction, your wishes may not come true simply because of the city, state, or county building codes. Another thing to take into consideration is the slope and drainage of your available space because raising the deck to surround a top floor living area can be a great deal more complicated than building an outdoor platform near the ground.

Anticipated Additions

When planning your deck, think about the possibility of adding benches, a barbeque, lighting, or an outdoor kitchen area. You may also want to consider an available water supply in case you want to grow a container garden on your new deck. Additionally, you can choose a color of stain or paint to enhance the ambiance of your yard.

No matter what shape you choose, what color you stain it, or how big it is, a new deck construction can add valuable outdoor space to your property. It can also allow you to enjoy more time outside, so why not call your contractor today and begin the project.