What Home Improvements Are Essential for Aging in Place?

Many senior adults choose aging in place over living in care facilities. This option allows parents to maintain a good amount of independence and enjoy familiar surroundings. Staying in one’s original home has physical, mental and emotional benefits for aging adults. For example, it’s easier to remember where everything is located and the home environment feels more welcoming. Also, many homeowners have decades of fond memories in their home.

What Home Improvements Contribute to Safely Aging in Place?

If aging parents decide to live at home as long as possible, what home improvements can you make to add to the safety of the home? Here are a few essentials:

  • Single-floor layouts: It’s less taxing for senior adults to move around a single floor of the home. If their current house has multiple floors, you may want to consider adapting the layout at least partially for maximum comfort. Eliminate or reduce the need for adults to walk up or down stairs. One way to do this is by converting a downstairs office and bathroom into a master bedroom. Expansion projects are more costly but can also provide customized, gorgeous and comfortable master bedrooms.
  • Flooring: Some types of flooring offer a good grip, such as slip-resistant tile and wood floors with non-slip coatings. A common misconception is that carpeting is better for preventing falls, but it can actually be worse. Speak to our home improvement experts for the best non-slip flooring options.
  • Lighting: Great illumination is especially important for senior adults. It allows them to enjoy their favorite indoor and outdoor activities more fully while also improving safety. They can move around comfortably inside and outside the home. Motion activated lighting for evenings is a great idea and so are timer-based light fixtures for exteriors.

Some changes are smaller and others are larger. With a few important changes, any home can retain its charm and offer better safety for aging in place.