Of course, you hope to never find yourself in the situation that your home requires insurance restoration services. Unfortunately, insurance companies often depict insurance restoration contractors as being “shady” and untrustworthy. This, however, is in many cases an unfair representation. It’s in the best interest of these contractors to do a good job and act as your advocates in the event that you need to use them.


First, many contractors who specialize in insurance restoration work face fierce competition. This means that in order to get your business and maintain a good reputation, they have to provide high quality work. If insurance companies do not approve their work, contractors will not get paid. This provides added incentive to do a good job.


Second, contractors are experts in their field. Often, contractors who work in insurance restoration offer only a limited range of work and, thus, are highly specialized in their particular fields. For example, a contractor who specializes in roof repair due to hail damage may, in some cases, only do this sort of work. This means that the contractor really is a kind of specialist who can provide you with information and services that a general contractor may not have.


Finally, the sad truth is that it is financially in the best interest of insurance companies not to pay for the repairs to which you may be entitled. One way to avoid making payments for the repairs and restoration to which your policy may entitle you is to attempt to discredit and, thus, not pay contractors. Insurance companies are businesses, and like all businesses it is to their advantage to save money. However, for the same reason, it is in the contractor’s best interest to do a good job in order to make money.


Don’t let your insurance company talk you out of the insurance restoration to which you are entitled. Many insurance restoration contractors are actually your advocates in the sense that they are highly motivated to do a superior job.