It’s a situation we’ve seen time and time again. A homeowner is completely happy with almost every aspect of their house; they like its character, location, neighborhood, yard, floor plan, and so on.

But unfortunately, there is some major aspect of it that they have become so incredibly fed up with that they are seriously considering the drastic move of selling and leaving a home they really love. More often than not, this shortfall involves a lack of space or light, or ongoing frustration due to a poorly-designed area that is in frequent use.

In our extensive experience, the stress and complications of selling and moving are rarely required. The ideal solution can often be provided in the form of a visually appealing and well-thought-out addition to a home. Whether it is something relatively simple, such as a deck to enhance your enjoyment of the space outside in every season, or a much more involved undertaking like an entire room or even a second floor, the team at Aikey’s have what it takes to help you and your family stay happily in place, in the home you’ve always loved.


Decks and additions, particularly sunrooms, are almost as rewarding for us to construct as they are for the homeowners themselves. So many of our customers have told us about the amazing improvements to their happiness and sense of well-being, all thanks to what is usually a very affordable investment. In fact, the comment we hear most often is “we wish we’d done this years ago!”


Decks today have come a long way, and we’ve kept pace with all the latest design and material options. Whether you just need a basic deck mainly for relaxing around the barbecue, or are considering a multi-level affair with special features like a hot tub, fire pit, built-in lights and speakers, let us show you all the exciting possibilities, and ensure that your investment in the space outside your home will bring you satisfaction and pleasure for years to come.

No matter what the time of year, nothing can bring new light and life into your home like a beautiful new sunroom. West Window Corporation is our supplier of choice for quality Thermal Sunroom Enclosures. Made right here in Virginia, this four-season solution is of commercial-grade quality, engineered to precise specifications at the West Window plant to blend seamlessly with the rest of your homes exterior and interior. We will work closely with you to help you choose from four available window styles to best suit your needs, and within two to three weeks (on average), you can be soaking up the rays in your new sunroom.



The bottom line is, if moving is not your heart’s desire, don’t give up on your home! Call the team at Aikey’s Home Improvements, and let us show you how to discover a renewed sense of appreciation and satisfaction with your old house, in ways you’ve never imagined.

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