Was your home one of the many that were damaged by the severe storms that recently blew through Central Virginia?

If so, you are definitely not alone. Hundreds of homeowners eported varying degrees of damage to their properties, vehicles and houses. Although the thunderstorms were severe and also prompted several tornado warnings in the area, the incredibly large hail stones that fell with great force for a sustained period of time were responsible for most of the damage.

Dramatic photos and videos uploaded by residents in Amelia County, Colonial Heights,
Richmond and Chester, as well as many other Virginia cities and counties, showed hailstones
ranging from ¼ inch to golf-ball size hammering everything in their path and carpeting the
ground. It’s predicted that this kind of severe and unpredictable weather will likely occur with
increasing frequency, and in today’s world, it’s something every homeowner should be repared
to deal with.

If your home happened to sustain damage in a severe storm, or due to a flood or fire, would you know what to do? In an emergency, how would you choose a contractor that you could trust and rely on, not only to repair your home quickly and efficiently, but also to take the confusion and stress out of dealing with insurance companies, to help navigate the claims process and all the other details?


Aikey’s Home Improvements has helped many homeowners through just this type of unwelcome experience, and we know exactly what to do to minimize the complications and stress of what can otherwise be an extremely confusing and trying time. In fact, our team has been honored to receive special recognition and awards especially for our  commendable post- hurricane restoration work.

We understand perfectly how worrisome it can be when your home sustains sudden damage due to unpredictable and violent weather, and we have proven expertise for efficiently repairing damage to aluminum siding, roofing and gutters, caused by wind, hail, fires and floods.

To minimize complications and uncertainty, Aikey’s Home Improvements will use this proven approach when performing emergency restoration work for your home:

  •  We provide you with a thorough explanation of the claims process
  •  We work with all insurance companies and will meet the insurance adjuster at your
  • home to document the damage
  •  Once the claim has been processed and finalized, we meet with you once again to go
  • over all necessary repairs and decide on appropriate new products and methods to
  • effect repairs.
  •  After your insurance claim is settled, we can then focus on repairing the damage to your
  • home for just the cost of your deductible!


If your home has sustained damage due to a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event, don’t spend a second worrying about how best to handle the repairs. Just complete this simple form, or call us at 804-216- 9371, to request a free quote. One of our team members will get back to you promptly to find out exactly how we can assist you in getting your home and your life back to normal as soon as possible.

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