If your home’s roof and/or siding are beginning to show signs of wear, there is no better time than right now to have it inspected and take whatever steps may be needed to repair or replace it.

Particularly for roofing, waiting too long will almost certainly result in additional damage, and therefore added expenses, that can occur whenever your home’s structure is exposed to the elements.

Professional Roofing Installations and Repairs

The roofing team at Aikey’s would be pleased to perform a complete inspection of your roof and then offer you realistic and fair advice on the best course of action for lasting results, whether that means a simple repair to a damaged portion of the roof, or replacing the whole thing.

Due to Virginia’s geographical location and climate extremes, the roofs of homes and businesses here are particularly susceptible to the growth of algae or moss. Algae are made up of tiny organisms that live and die on the surface of your roof, and it can cause unsightly black streaks which will eventually completely mask your roof’s true color and texture. Not only that, the appearance of algae will negatively affect the look of your whole house, its curb appeal, and ultimately its resale value.


To combat this unsightly and unwanted effect, Aikey’s uses only Atlas Roofing Products, which are specifically engineered, and guaranteed, to resist the development of black streaks due to algae. This is due to the fact that Atlas shingles are protected with a patented Scotchgard™ protector which contains copper granules. The ions in the copper are released slowly over time, providing an effective barrier to the development of algae. In addition, Atlas roofing products provide a tidy and finished look to the roof’s hips and ridges, with the result that your new roof will have a designer-like finish that you’ll appreciate for all the years you’ll own your home, as well as when you decide to sell.


The use of Atlas Roofing’s high-quality products, combined with our comprehensive and proven re-roofing process, will bring you peace of mind and confidence that you are making the smartest decision to protect your home and your family from the elements in every season, today, tomorrow and for decades to come.


Wrap your Home in a Fresh New Look

Siding is another exterior feature that can make or break your home’s appearance. Siding that is worn, dingy or damaged lends an air of neglect to your house and whole property, ultimately leading to a loss of value. The lasting beauty and financial gain that new siding will provide is more than worth the investment and effort involved to have it replaced.

Here again, Aikey’s can offer you the best value, using quality products and skilled installation practices that will defy Mother Nature for years to come. Our suppliers of choice for vinyl siding are Mastic Home Exteriors and Norandex Building Materials, both companies that back up their superior products with generous warranties. We also install fiber cement siding manufactured by James Hardie, another recognized industry leader.


If you live in the central Virginia area, you owe it to yourself to call the professionals at Aikey’s Home Improvements. Trust no one else to handle these all-important home maintenance services for you.



When it’s time to update your home with a new roof or fresh siding, trust the team at Aikey’s Home Improvements, like so many of our happy customers already have! Contact us via the form to the right or give us a call if you prefer at 804-216-
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